i’m 21 years old. for just a few more days. some days i feel 80 some days i feel 8. rarely an in between. too young or too old. this is the age they told me that would fit just right. this is the age 30 year olds squeeze themselves into on friday nights with spanx and a cigarette. this is the age 8 year olds think that they’ll be when they fall in love forever and ever. this the age where i’m either in bed at 9 pm or 4 am and i will probably wake up feeling kind of horrible. this is the age where there are more questions than answers and i’m excited, not scared. this is the age where kids and jobs and mortgages feel further away than juice boxes; but they’re lurking in the background and if you turn your head to quickly to the right you might just catch a glimpse of yourself wearing running shoes with jeans and a toddler attached to your hip. this is the age when weeks last years and years last days and nights are what really matter. it all seems like magic. and you’re not really sure if you believe in magic still. you’re as thin and as pretty and as young as you will ever be but you can’t really notice. you’re too busy trying to boil pasta. and that’s what it is. caught in between, pulled two directions. its good and its bad and its beautiful. it’s twenty one. 

Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Holiday Gift Guide 2018


This Zodiac pendent is from Free People and is the perfect present for anyone that loves their star sign. I also love personalized name necklaces (think Carrie Bradshaw) for gifts that feel more unique and thoughtful. 

chocolate oranges

These remind me of my childhood, pulling the round golden wrappers out of stockings. Chocolate oranges are perfect little gifts for co-workers or dinner party favors!


One can never have too many mugs. One of my many mantras. I usually get mine from Anthro or Tigertree if you’re local to Columbus. Mugs are also perfect to pack some candy, lip balm or any other little stocking stuffers into for the perfect gift to a colleague or friend!

magazine subscriptions

One of my favorite types of gifts to receive– a gift that keeps on giving. A few recommendations would be the NYT Sunday Editions, The New Yorker, Bust Magazine or Harness. (ps. I write for Harness Mag, go check them out!)


Skincare products are luxe gifts that fit into a basket or clutch for a little DIY gift set. Above are a few of my personal favorites. Smith’s Rosebud Salve is an essential for me and it comes in many different flavors and scents. Pick a few of your favorites for a treat-yo-self package. 


Everyone loves candles. Anthropologie has some of my favorites for aesthetic and scent! Or you can make your own at The Candle Lab!

resin earrings

Resin earrings are a huge trend this year and as you can see, I’m a big fan. There are so many variations, colors and designs, to choose from. One of my favorite brands is called One Story and is based in Columbus!


Little plant guys add a lot to a space and you can never have too many. I pick up plants for cheap somewhere like Lowe’s or Home Depot and then add them to pots I’ve found at thrift stores or somewhere like Urban Outfitters. Or even better, shop local at Stump Plants in Columbus!

essential oils

Essential oils are the perfect gift for anyone interested in holistic health or dealing with a lot of stress. Sets like this are easy to find and as an added gift, you could include a diffuser as well!


I love picking out fun makeup like this highlight from Milk Makeup to gift! Things that someone might not purchase for themselves as an essential but would be fun for special occasions or night out. 

And when all else fails: make a card, buy a bottle of wine and tell them you love them. 9/10 dentists agree this works every single time. Happy hunting! 

xo Olivia