all the best books to give and get this holiday

2020 is the perfect year to gift books to every person on your list. we’re home always, we’re a little bored and we need a hobby other than drinking a $5 bottle of wine. i made a list of some of my fav reads from the year that i think would work for all the different personalities in your life (or for you!)

for the hopeless romantic

all about love by bell hooks*

this classic analysis of love is enough to have anyone blinking with hearts in their eyes. bell hooks is one of the most prolific writers of the times and this book is no exception. you will rethink all of your previously conceived notions of love, for the better.

for the firecracker (or anyone who has a spark of fire aka everyone)

untamed by glennon doyle

this was probably one of my favorite books of 2020. it changed me. glennon doyle was not a name i had heard until this book but her story is somehow familiar. she writes comforting notes on depression, discomfort in a life we’ve created and ultimately feminine freedom. this book was not what i expected from the target mom cover, it shook me to my core. re-reading right now.

for the fiction savant

the vanishing half by brit bennett*

i rarely really fall for fiction but this one got me. a beautiful story of two sisters, living parallel lives all on the precipice of race. an important read for anyone living in america and a precious glimpse into lives we cannot live at the same time. absolutely a treasure.

for the poet

devotions by mary oliver

mary oliver is my favorite poet of all time (i had one of her verses tattooed onto my body this year so) and this is a gorgeous collection of some of her best works. i love to read this before bed. she’s also from ohio so we love to see a hometown hero. her settles my soul and evokes the wildness that we all feel on smart autumn days. a poet for those who hate poetry too.

for the wandering artist trapped at home

how to be parisian wherever you are

this book was a fresh escape from the 400 square feet i’ve been living in since march. a smartly curated bunch of quick essays, satirical guides and witty poems, this transported me to paris from the covid-free safety of my own bed. give to that independent, black-wearing woman who drinks a lot of wine.

for the nature lover

where the crawdads sing

this is an artfully strung tale of murder, mystery and the wilderness of the carolinas. the imagery is so sharp i could taste it and it’s all interwoven into the swamplands i’ve never seen.

for the fantasy dreamer

gingerbread by helen oyeyemi*

this is a strange one, i’ll admit. a little bit odd but gloriously fantastical. i can’t say i understood everything but i loved every second of it. escapism at it’s finest, best served warm.

for the mystery/true crime buff

in a dark, dark wood by ruth ware

i love a mystery and this is no exception. it’s a page turning thriller that does not disappoint. no other clues required.

for the entrepreneurial spirit

more than enough by elaine weltworth*

elaine is one of my personal heroes. she turned teen vogue from a teeny bopper rag to the political, gen z led, powerhouse it is now. her story is nothing short of inspiring and she’s a relatable, talented, warm writer through and through.

for the stressed out

burnout by emily and amelia nagoski

it’s been a weird, weird year. and a lot of us are feeling that in our shoulders, our backs, our brains. this book is all about the research of getting through that stress, so we don’t end up exhausted and burnt all the way out. it’s a compelling collection of research that made me think, really think, about… well, everything. definitely written for an older millennial/gen x audience but i enjoyed it nonetheless and so did brene brown so that’s all that counts.

for the survivor/artist/feminist/a person who is breathing

know my name by chanel miller*

this was probably my other favorite book i read in 2020. chanel miller is a gift to the earth and continuously floors me with her talent, wit, wisdom and voice. you probably read her victim impact statement that went viral re: the trial of brock turner in 2015. (i name him because she does.) her book is a masterful weaving of the reality of rape and the criminal justice system but mostly the healing of people. i recommend for all.

reminder to always buy from indie booksellers when you can! they need our support now more than ever. a link to one of my favorites is here!

happy reading ❤

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