women-owned small businesses to support right now

hello it’s a pandemic and you know it. i won’t waste time and pixels explaining the chaos we are living as if you do not know, unlike every corporate email permanently banished to live out the rest of it’s little existence in the promotions tab of gmail. and right now it’s important to support lots of people not limited to but including low wage workers, medical staff, small business owners, sex workers, communities of color and of course, women. women are being disproportionately impacted by the financial implications of this pandemic, in particular Black women. here are a few of the businesses from which i’m placing online orders and i encourage you to do so too!


my wonderful friend Dimi owns this brand and offers vintage, reworked and clothing that she designs herself. a few of my favorite things are her handmade scrunchies, her graphic tees and all of the amazing old school pieces she works so hard to source, restore and curate.

The Tart Peach

another beautiful friend of mine, Jordan, creates gorgeous nail polishes, lipsticks and other clean beauty products. she literally makes this shit. and her color palette is a thing of my dreams.

Room Shop Vintage

i’ve bought several of these beautiful cloud-like scrunchies and dream someday of owning a few of their original clothing pieces. all made from scratch and largely from repurposed materials. everything they make is art.

Potion Matcha

again, one of my talented friends, Chloe, (picture by another gorg friend, Sav). matcha is saving my life especially during quarantine because the energy buzz you get is sustained, cool and calm; unlike the buzz i get from traditional sources of caffeine like coffee or pop. she pops up at local events in columbus but ships tins of matcha all over. check her out ❤

Splendor Revival

splendor revival offers beautiful vintage, reworked and repurposed clothing, accessories and original art. i have several of her pieces hanging in my apartment and am forever lusting after her hand painted vintage purses. splendor revival is Black-owned and based in columbus, ohio but ships all over. “lounge like a goddess. live like a queen.” (another lovely friend Tobi modeling above!)

Bryant Park

another friend i met through her business, is Mary! her brand Bryant Park offers stunning, luxury vintage finds and most recently these amazing tie-dyed embroidered sweatshirts that i love. another one woman show that deserves an encore or eight!

Milk Mugs N Jugs

this shop makes gorgeous clay pots, mugs, hold whatever you wants that are shaped like the femme figure. i adore anything women-centered and particularly that embraces of our flawed, beautiful beings and shapes. they make all unique pieces by hand!

Hawk Shop

my friend Sav is the mind and being behind Hawk Shop, a home for vintage, secondhand, unique finds that she sources and curates herself. her home is a dream and her politics are my heart. shop her instagram for the best conversation pieces for your apartment.


my friend Brooke has built a jewelry brand and art business called Nuri Collective, that i am obsessed with. her offerings include clay earrings, gold necklaces and prints for every sign of the zodiac. i so love watching her brand grow and evolve, this is one to watch folks!

Juvia’s Place

Juvia’s Place is not really a small business but they are an indie beauty brand that is relatively small in comparison to the global giants that run the beauty industry. i recently discovered the brand and love their eyeshadow formulation, beautiful packaging and inclusion of all skin tones in their makeup line. this brand is also Black-owned and honor their roots with the names and origins of their line. they have a lifelong customer of me.

Fine Feather Shop

Fine Feather Shop is another columbus based brand offering clean beauty products from all the best clean beauty brands. i’ve just recently started my journey into the world of clean beauty and Fine Feather Shop also serves as an amazing educational research into what ‘clean’ really means. they are women of color-owned and have online offerings as well as an adorable brick and mortar shop.

i don’t make money from this site and i don’t really ever intend to. my recommendations are honest, true and unfiltered.

support women always. but especially right now.

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