how to: work from home when you’re lazy

c-19 is running rampant and a lot of us are on WFH status for the foreseeable future. I work from home at least one day a week usually and i love it. i’m actually of the apparently rare mindset that i get way more done and am much more relaxed when i WFH. i have also had to reckon with the fact that perhaps i am much more introverted and agoraphobic than i have been willing to admit. ce la vie. i’ve seen a lot of these guides wandering around the internet and i promise i will never tell you to use a meditation app every half hour or to go to the gym when we’re supposed to be on quarantine. this is a true lazy person’s guide to doing the most while also doing the least.

  1. make your bed. this is every working from home guides number one tip and one’s that actually works for me. but before you stop reading this, i promise that’s my last super cliche piece of advice. i try to make my bed everyday (and by make my bed i mean pull my duvet up to my pillows to hide the face i dont use a top sheet and haven’t for years.  
  2. wear comfy clothes. some people say dress like you’re going to work. i don’t do this because I’M WORKING FROM HOME why would i put on jeans if i did not have to. i was always amazed when the girls in pretty little liars would lounge around their house in jeans. maybe you do that, not my business. my alternative is to wear NICE comfy clothes. not your oldest, shabbiest sweats— think athleisure, that horribly kardashian aesthetic that we bought into years ago. i have a couple nice comfortable pieces that i think were worth investing in because i’m able to be comfortable, respectably take video conference calls and also a mirror selfie in between. i also think slippers are a vital part of being a functioning human being.
  3. take lots of breaks. bathroom breaks, coffee breaks, water breaks, stretching breaks, watching parks and recs breaks, call your mom breaks, phone a friend breaks, organize your room breaks. working from home can feel monotonous after a while so it’s important to switch it up and remind your brain that it is alive. the research literally shows this makes us more productive when we take breaks so don’t feel guilty about it either.
  4. keep your space well lit. this helps keep your brain engaged, alive and decreases seasonal affective disorder. 
  5. designate your space to work. i bought a kitchen table specifically to work from home (not for my kitchen) i keep my office supplies, a lamp, blue light glasses, a hair tie, an extra layer and my notebooks. it helps me feel like my life is together and creates a barrier between my laying and my working. but i will say, the benefit of wfh is you can lay AND work. 
  6. eat food. this is a hard one because at least for me when i’m working from home hours will go by and i will realize i accidentally skipped lunch and then at 3 pm i will eat an entire thing of hummus with chips and feel awful. so i have to mark lunch on my calendar so i am held to it. also don’t eat lunch at your “desk” or computer or whatever you’re working. actually take a break.
  7. break the rules! i’m a big believer that rules are made to be broken and maybe that’s the anarchist in me but you’re working from home bish! make the most of the freedom, independence and joy that is living your life in a way that works the best for you. relish in the moments, few and fleeting, that we get to choose how we want to live. 

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