how to: pack for a weekend in vegas in just a backpack

they say to write what you want to read. this weekend i just wanted to find something that would tell me how to pack for a weekend in vegas bringing only a backpack because you’re cheap as hell and flying Spirit airlines.

T-shirts are amazing because you can wear them 1) to bed 2) during the day with jeans 3) under a slip dress to a club. Multifunctional, comfy, essential.

Jeans. I didn’t actually bring jeans but depending on the time of the year in Vegas, black jeans would be a nice piece for the daytime and could work at certain clubs with a tank and heels. Again, I’m a big fan of anything that can be worn like 4 times during a weekend.

Scarves; one of my all time favorite accessories. In Vegas, scarves work as tops, over your hair and to wipe up your tears when you have to check out of your hotel at 11 AM and spend the rest of the day on the strip until your red eye flight.

Swimsuits for the pool parties that you can get in for free if you are female. It’s a beautiful thing. Limit yourself to one or two because honestly swimsuits are versatile and you can switch it up with ~scarves around the waist or straps.

Slip dresses are my favorite. They are timeless, beautiful and can be worn five million ways.

Jumpsuits are the best because they’re so versatile. You can wear them daytime with flats and to a club with heels. Plus they take up so little space because they are a whole outfit all in one. We love that.

I brought sundresses for walking around the Strip, eating brunch and day drinking. Dresses are an outfit all in one piece and they cover up a little bit of bloating from the bottomless champaign.

Whenever I make a packing guide, it will probably always include a leather jacket. I think leather jackets are the jeans of tops. Or maybe jeans are the leather jackets of pants. Either way, it can get really cold in the desert at night so you should definitely bring layers.

My only tip for undergarments is bringing nude underwear so that it’s versatile for lighter colored clothing.

I only brought two pairs of shoes for Vegas and was really happy about it; daytime vs. nighttime. Flat sandals are essential because walking the Strip is actually way hotter and way longer than one would expect. Heels are essential for the club/restaurants because many of them have dress codes.

Gaudy goldness to the Gods. Because that’s Vegas. And that’s all the jewelry I brought.

My best packing tip for just a backpack is only bringing Tiny Things. Pro tip: you can get on Mario Badescu’s website and fill out a skin questionnaire and they send you beautiful tiny samples of their skincare products that are perfect for travel. You are so welcome.

Normally with makeup, I stick to the basics and neutrals but in Vegas baby, anything goes. So for the clubs, pack in the highlighter, the makeup setting spray, the bold eyeshadow and the primer.

The real irony is I actually forgot my wallet for my trip to Vegas but my real advice would be to bring a smaller wallet to place your ID and just one card so that if it does get lost, your world is not ended. Also bring your passport just in case you do forget your entire identity in Ohio.

A few other tips for Vegas, if you’re a woman, don’t pay for anything. Use those promoters to your advantage because Vegas is the only place in the world where it pays to be female. A few other great places we tried were Giada’s, Hexx, Eggslut and the Foundation Room! Let me know what your other favorite Vegas things are!

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