Christmas Music You Won’t Get Sick Of

Ok let’s start out by announcing that I LOVE Christmas music. I love the old 50s Bing classics, the churchy ones, the Christmas trap music, the remixes, the Polar Express soundtrack, the Frank Sinatra, the Transiberian Orchestra, the Michael Buble, Mariah Carey and yes, especially the Taylor Swift Christmas album. I love it all. I also do this weird obsessive thing where I only listen to Christmas music during December. Which means I hear these songs a lot. Which means I needed a playlist that was big enough that even I wouldn’t get sick of Christmas songs. So that’s what I made. This playlist is 2 years in the making and a pretty comprehensive messy mangle of magic. If you are a Grinch you will definitely hate it. Except maybe the Grinch songs. There are over 150 songs on this playlist and it grows a little bit every year. Enjoy, drink some eggnog (another thing I think everyone else might hate) and celebrate a season where NSYNC and Nat King Cole are on the same playlist.

Whatever you’re celebrating this December, I hope it’s absolutely magic. With some good tunes. 💫

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