where the crawdads sing: a review

this book has been EVERYWHERE lately and had been on my list for a few months now. actually, i’ve been in the process of reading it for a few months now… so i will be honest: the beginningof this book is slow. i’m the kind of person who starts reading 5 books at once and finish the one that grabs me most first. delia owens is a natural scientist and it shows; she is detailed, attentive and observant. she writes beautiful descriptions of nature that make me want to move to the nearest swamp. but descriptions are wordy and for many of us, we want action. so i will warn you: push yourself through the first half of this book. because wants the action starts, it doesn’t really stop.

it’s a mysterious tale of a girl in a swamp, growing up on the outskirts of southern society. it’s a story of love and betrayal and anger and the solace of nature. i’d recommend this book to the people who feel at home in the trees and love a good mystery. the end has a wonderful twist that made the slow start worth it to me. push onward.

this book is an ode to nature and all the beings who exist best in the wild. a lovely book that i’ll keep on my bookshelf and probably reread in the summertime or on a north carolina beach. worth the wait.

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