my apartment: a tour

I recently moved into my first solo apartment post-grad so that means furnishing a one bedroom apartment on a budget (!!!) I was pretty set on furnishing as much as I possibly could second-hand so I wanted to share my end result with you for inspo. I’m a maximalist typically when it comes to decor and my personal style is somewhere between boho and midcentury modern grandfather. While I used to be scared to use color, I’ve realized I love jewel tones and accidentally curating a color scheme. I incorporate my international finds as much as possible for the mems and love a funky texture. Take a tour:

the bedroom

Books are more than decor for me but they make pretty good decor too!
These posters are by Ladyfingers Letterpress and I love.
I got this vanity secondhand and added the elephant shaped knob from Anthropologie.
Jewelry organizers save my life + look nice in the sun.
I live in a 100 year old building so the closet space is a little snug so having a clothing rack is a God send.
This dresser piece came from my recently passed grandmother’s house. I love it for storage and for keeping her close.
Chair: Facebook Marketplace. Mirror: Goodwill. Art print: Random street in Rome. Lamp: Goodwill. Pillows: Goodwill and World Market.
I frame a lot of cute cards as wall art with thrifted frames for so cheap!
Table: Facebook Marketplace. Lamp: Thrift store. Candle: Anthropologie. I also recently got this cool bottle at a flea market to use for pills rather than the ugly orange bottle they come in.
The best part about an older apartment is the little details like this wall sconce from the 1940s. It still works!
More things for walls: pics with my best friends in thrifted frames.
How to maximize a tiny closet: a short story. I used shoe racks and small Rubbermaid drawers to make this space as functional as possible. I hang most of my clothing but things like workout clothes and jeans go in the drawers below.
Sometimes clothing pieces like boots double as amazing decor too.

the living room

I love a well-styled bookshelf. This is full of thrifted goods and (of course) books!
I don’t know why but I love little brass animals? Big, big fan.
A few of my favorite things. Weird elephant: thrifted. Books: All over the place.
Crazy horse: Thrifted. Brass duck: Thrifted.
Chair: Facebook Marketplace. Bar cart: Thrifted. Plant: Ikea. Rug: Urban Outfitters. Pillows: Thrifted + Target. Mirror: Thrifted.
Bar cart: Thrifted. Punch bowl: Thrifted. Brass vase: Thrifted. Wine rack: Thrifted. Glasses: Thrifted.
Pillows: Thrifted. Lamp: My parent’s house. Frames: Thrifted. Chair: Facebook Marketplace.
Couch: All Modern. Coffee Table: Facebook Marketplace.
Bust: DABL. Everything else (minus books): Thrifted.
Chair: Facebook Marketplace.
Lamp: Target. Frame: Thrifted. Plant holder: Thrifted. Candle: Target.
TV: Family member. Money Cat: Chinatown. Magazine holder: Thrifted.
Coffee table books: Thrifted. Bamboo tray: Thrifted. Star dish: Thrifted. Gold shell: DABL. Candle: Anthropologie. Coasters: DABL. Tarot cards: Urban Outfitters. Speaker: Target.
Artist: @agostinaillu on Instagram
Flower print: Thrifted. Girl print: postcard from Prague.

the bathroom

Shower curtain: Amazon. Rattan trashcan: Thrifted. Mirror: Thrifted. Cart: my friend Kelly hehe. Nude print: Etsy. Frame: Thrifted.
Ballerina prints: Thrifted.
Fur Oil: @furoil
Mirror: TJ Maxx. Glass holders: Thrifted and Ikea.

the kitchen

Calendar: @selfcareiseveryone. Grocery bag: Ikea.
Kettle: Homegoods.
Prints: Cards from London.
Coffee cups: Thrifted. Baby coffee cup: Harrods in London.
Everything: Thrifted.

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