5 self-help books that actually help

i have always loved the personal development section of the bookstore. about 5 years ago, i set off on a journey to save my own life through those colorful, promising and shiny books. i found that some of them were in fact, everything that the skeptics may say; cliche, redundant, idealistic and generally unhelpful. but every once in a while you stumble upon one that makes you rethink your entire being. those are my favorites. here are 5 self-help books that actually helped me to find my soul, find my way and get some sleep at night.

1. zen and the art of happiness by chris prentiss

This is the perfect starter for self-help. it’s short, sweet, direct and tells the truths that you could learn in a book five times its size in 5 times the time. if you still have your training wheels on in this personal development world, pick this guy.

2. the universe has your back by gabrielle bernstein

probably one of my favorite books of all time, this one is all about the power of manifestation and trusting the universe. it came to me at a time that i had never needed to trust more. i believe this book changed my life and is the reason that i am exactly where i am now. 

3. you are a badass by jen sincero

another classic in the new age self-help universe, this jen sincero is the kick in the pants you need to make big change happen right now. this book will lift you up, ground you down and push you into your next thing. 

4. playing big by tara mohr

the inner mentor exercise in this book from chapter 3, shifted my life forever. learning to acknowledge why my inner critics exist and connect with my inner mentor or future self was a powerful tool at 22. a must for anyone struggling with big decisions and future planning. 

5. the desire map by danielle laporte

i was gifted this book by my mentor and it was another guiding force to my place in life right now. for the wanderer and wonderer, trying to figure where the heck they’re going in this life; you need this workbook. through past reflection, the worksheets guide you towards a clear, intentional and tangible future. 

while the self-help world can seem cheesy and overly aspirational sometimes, i promise when you find your thing, it works. i am grateful to these books and hope they shift you as much as they did me. god knows i needed it. if you have any other recommendations, please leave them in a comment below! personal development is not something that can ever be checked off as finished. keep going, reading, growing. i will be too. 

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