what no one tells you about graduation

one thing no one tells you about graduation is everyone will give you a lot of advice. often a lot of unsolicited, unwanted and unwarranted advice. often not even advice so much as jaded personal opinions.

they will ask you about your plans and then comment on them as if you are the one who asked. 

it will be a lot of inquisitive looks and hesitation every time you talk about your dreams. because what i’ve learned through this process is that sometimes people really really hate dreams they can’t understand. and it’s not on you to explain it for them. 

we all want different things, picture ourselves in different spaces and because of this we manifest our own lives. it’s okay if they don’t really understand. it’s okay if you don’t really understand them. that’s the point of our autonomy. 

don’t let other’s excitement or lack there of, impact your decisions or shift your course. follow your own arrow. i think that this is hard. and scary. but ultimately, at the end of the day, the year, the life; this whole thing is yours. do with it what you will. take advice with grace. and with 8 grains of salt. be aware of doling out your own opinions on others choices, especially if they have not asked. 

graduate and go and do this with your own spirit leading the way, not following behind. i promise, she knows best.

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