Thrift Haul #8

Silky! Shirts! One of my favorite things to look for at thrift stores because you can find high quality real silk for like a dollar. I wear these to work with high-waisted jeans, etc.
Scarves are another favorite to pick up at thrift stores. You can find incredible vintage pieces to add especially this summer.
Chunky sandals are back from your 90s dreams and I’m obsessed.
Ok I have five million baskets and I will continue to buy them every time I find a good one because storage people, storage.
Vintage tees from the men’s section are also an incredible find. I tend to look at the white ones mostly and I found this amazing Disney tee from the 90s.
I love this straw bag that would be perfect for the beach or any casual thing this summer.
Another coffee table book to add to the collection! I love the colors and textures in this book about textile art . It has a southwestern vibe and would be perfect in a boho home.
Best mug I’ve ever found: a Miss Piggy masterpiece. I love, I love.
This basket will make a perfect planter! Just add a plastic pot from the dollar store as a barrier for the soil.
I am always tempted by the tea pots at the thrift store and this one I could not possibly pass up. I fell in love with this beautiful turquoise color and a rattan handle. It’s definitely usable but I would probably use it as decor on a kitchen table.
Cutie little tea cup from England. I always gravitate towards the blue and white kitchen pieces and think they would look so good all mismatched together.
Another rattan bag to add to the collection! Three bucks for the perfect summer accessory.
I fell in love with the colors of this graphic on this 1970s circa crock. I’ll probably use this to keep kitchen utensils or I guess “flour” if I ever learn to bake…
One last bag because honestly, I can’t help myself. I loved the bamboo detail on this plain vintage black leather bag from Liz Clairborne.

happy, happy hunting!

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