how to: make a bad day better

Last Monday I had a bad day. I didn’t feel good (little did I know I actually had the flu), was running late, forgot my work badge at home, got an angry note on my car; all of the things that quickly add up to accidentally crying in the stairwell at work.

So I turned to you for help. And you answered! Here are the responses people had when asked what they do when they’re having a shit day:

I go to Starbucks and get a boujee coffee and then buy the person’s behind me.” @emmaclarrk

“I mope for a set time then clean myself off and eat something yummy and start kicking ass again. Also dog videos, lots and lots of dog videos.” @gabizappp

“I look through old videos of my friends on my phone and it always makes me laugh” @erinadamsss

“Meditation!” @jessienoelker

“I pray then call my dad” @casparnolte

“Complain to my mom and eat shitty food (the second is a v poor coping mechanism” @dimiboutselis

“Watch SNL clips of Stefon and wine!” @livbirdsall

“Call my mom” @saramckw

“Clean my room, light a candle and sit in my bed and draw/write about things that make me happy!” @sophandersonn

“Write down at least 5 good things from the last couple days… instant mood changer” @beccaschalip

“Shopping is always a good idea. Or like a bubble bath with Netflix or music on. Or depressing music + tears mode on (river mode on actually) Anyway point is: let yourself be vulnerable sometimes. Let it go by accepting your feelings.” @louiseperrotte

“Watch a movie that brings joy. Take 10 minutes to write down that I’m feeling shitty, treat myself.” @__instacam__

“Do something for yourself like your favorite food or coffee and hangout with your best pals.” @rylee_wallace

“Meditate! Journal! Call my granny!” @autumnbrookecox

“Listen to my fav oldies songs, dance around, read fashion books, journal, stay off social media just little things to clear my heard and myself in a better mindset” @lillieurco

“Music, pray, get outside/change of scenery. Also a wine night with the roomies can cure just about anything” @sarahgriff97

“Journaling and talking to you guys :-)” @kelly_noriega

Matcha latte makes me happy” @josielib

“Hang with friends, read a book or listen to music” @robenalt_18

“Force myself to watch the top ten saddest moments on Glee and cry” @selin.yenibahar

“Spend time with friends, read a book, doodle in a journal, watch a movie, take a nap” @anasophiawitt

“Treat yo self” @rebeccamoyer

“Make a short, doable to-do list than I can check off and feel like I have things kinda together” @kendalljking

“FaceTime a friend who makes me laugh. Make tea. Light a candle. Read. Unplug from tech” @alexiscaronis

“Pour a glass of wine and cry/laugh at Grey’s Anatomy.” @shelbykitchin

“I play pool at Out R Inn for hours” @shawn_semmler

“Dance to happy poppy music the kind that make u feel warm and sunny inside!” @iljaim

“5×5 rule! If it’s not going to matter in 5 years don’t spend more than 5 minutes upset” @courtneysnellisme

“Quick cardio sesh to burn emotions off, eat a warm cookie, diffuse lavender/candle” @rachel_george15

“Tell a loved one “I feel… (undervalued/overwhelmed, etc) so I’m asking you for (affirmation/help). @emmagkroger

“Watch sad movies ngl” @anastasia.foley

“Dream of future vacations, pamper yourself, nails, eyebrows, facial, buy new outfit, read fav book // listen to fav podcast” @darya_pavlova

“Wash my sheet and light a candle and text/call someone to say I miss them” @bridgetmcook

“Meditate + music” @adamaxiom

Thank you all so so much for your tips/advice/jokes it saved my day. Thank you to my friends who brought me my work badge and moved my car and generally keep me alive all the time. You are wonderful lights.

I guess I don’t have bad days too often, or at least I try not to. So when I do, it feels like a personal failure, like somehow this is because of what I have done. Sometimes, you have to sit yourself down and realize that actually not everything is within your own control. Calm down about that. Bad things happen and it’s not always on you to have prevented them. You’re not that powerful.

Sometimes a bad Monday is a bad Monday. And taking it for what it is rather than trying to dress it up to be something it’s not is a relief. It is liberating to allow yourself the bad days. Because they won’t all be like that.

So follow these incredible humans’ advice and drink the wine or light your candles or whatever it is that you need to do to get you through the day and try it all again tomorrow.

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