Thrift Haul #7

I found this vintage little bag made of rattan for $7 at Volunteers of America! Every trend returns and you can find some amazing straw bags at thrift stores right now!
One of my favorite coffee table books I’ve ever found! This vintage house plants book from the 70s is so aesthetic.
I loved this little black vintage bag! It also has a giant thing on the back for an old school cellphone which is incredible.
I always gravitate to any sea shell shaped thing when I’m thrifting! I think they’re good luck and one can never have too many little dishes for a catch all!
Okay this mug makes me laugh and I needed it.

I found this black espadrille tote bag that will be perfect for spring break! Pro tip: always look at the bags, some of my favorite vintage finds have been there.

I love this brass candlesticks. Candlesticks may seem outdated but they look so good with white candles on a bar cart. Tip: brass anything looks good together. You can also find lots of high quality brass pieces from India at a thrift store because they age really well. 

Blazers, blazers, blazers. One of my favorite sections of the thrift store. Vintage blazers that your mom would wear back in the 80s look so good paired with jeans and mules. 

I love, love, love this little shell dish. I’m using it for my most worn earrings on my desk right now.

Belts are another thrift store favorite. Belts can be strangely expensive at traditional stores and you can find incredible condition real leather belts for like 1 or 2 dollars at Volunteers of America. I pair vintage belts with mom jeans and sweaters!

You can never have too many wicker baskets. I use these things for storage, as plant holders, even as wall decor. I’m super particular about the width and color of the wicker so these three all paired really nicely together. 

Another of my favorite finds ever. This beautiful brass box is from India and has an incredible cobalt blue velvet interior. I absolutely love the shape and color. Little boxes like these are perfect for jewelry, nail polish or even ugly cords you want to hide. 

I got this leather and metal chair for $5! I’m super into the Mad Men vibe of this piece and am using it as a desk chair.

Another favorite of this haul– this vintage gold embossed print of palm trees. I think this would be a great add to a gallery wall and has a super boho feel. 

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