Thrift Haul #6

I love this little rattan frames I found! They were 99 cents each and beautiful.
I always end up buying incredible belts at thrift stores. You can find real leather belts for a dollar and the vintage metal beats the look of most belts you’d buy new.
I love this vintage pillow for the colors and the rugged boho feel. Most thrift stores clean/wash pillows and other linens before you buy them but I’d recommend washing again just in case!
This simple gold bowl is perfect for fruits, vegetables or bread in your kitchen. Storage things are a great thrift buy, I think I paid 99 cents for this guy.
This cool little vase is actually from West Elm, not vintage. It probably sold for at least 35 dollars from West Elm, I paid 2.
This book is one of my all time favorite thrift finds. It was published in 1938 and is in beautiful condition. “Lovingly dedicated to those who are walking, for a while, through the dark.”
Quirky coffee tables books are another one of my great loves. This one is from the 70s and features incredible arctic wildlife photos. Possibly necessary.
This little baby print of a Japanese Kimono would be a great add to a gallery wall!
Another belt! This one is a forest-green snakeskin and I’m in love.

Happy, happy hunting!

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