how to: self-love

happy v-day! whether you hate the colors red and pink together or love dark chocolate in the arbitrary shape of a heart, it’s cupid szn. i get that it’s a hallmark holiday and honestly conversation hearts are disgusting and we all know it but i’m actually super into the idea of a day centered around love. like all kinds of it. you won’t catch me on a valentine’s day dinner with flowers but i still think it’s important to love today. here are a few ways to practice love (for cheap):

  • go to bed early (like really early not just when normal people should)
  • celebrate your little, little accomplishments like opening jars or turning homework in
  • take a break from seeking (jobs, relationships, better things)
  • cook and eat a nourishing meal, slowly without multitasking 
  • curate a positive insta feed
  • wash your hair
  • take the time to buy/read a magazine
  • go grocery shopping when you want to, not when all you own is a single slice of bread
  • spend time on a hobby (important: a hobby is something you want to do!)
  • catch up with a friend but not out of guilt
  • be angry if you are angry
  • eat a million cupcakes
  • change your sheets
  • plan a galentine’s day brunch with very good people (caveat: enjoy it!)

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