two thousand eighteen

thank you 2018, for the most incredible, life-changing, eye-opening revolution around the sun yet. i am lucky for this life.

in 2018, i traveled to 14 different countries. i quit things that no longer brought me joy. i danced in front of the louvre and i looked up at the ceiling of the sistine chapel. i spent a day alone wandering in paris and i said goodbye to a vice or two. i sat in gotchic churches that seemed as old as the earth and felt very, very small. i got lost. a lot. but i always found my way, dead phone and all. i loved. i read books. i wrote down some of my own. i told the truth. i let myself cry. i rode the new york city subway alone. i put permanent ink on my body. i learned some czech. i ate a lot of pasta. i learned so damn much only to realize how little i actually know. and i wrote that down too.

it wasn’t all happy. but it wasn’t all sad. and that, i think is the entire point.

thank you 2018 for the dancing and the laughing and the crying and the making things up as i went along and all the other magic in between.

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