Thrift Haul #4

Little bronze bowls like this are perfect planters!
Baskets like this are my favorite thrift finds for storing random stuff all over my apartment!
Put fruit, veggies or decorative knick knacks in this little guy
Found this little black bamboo handle bag for $2!
I love the color and design of this little plate. Plates are another favorite to pick up, I paid 50 cents for this fella.
I rarely thrift shoes but you can find lightly/never worn vintage beauties every once in a while. These are perfect for work/business formal. 
cashmere! yes!
One of my favorite finds, this little vintage hat from Gigi’s New York is beautiful. I have literally no idea what I’m going to do with this but I needed it. 
Black boots with incredible funky shaped heels!
I love this quirky bowl I found for a kitchen table or counter + fruit or whatevs 
Little handmade pot that I’ll use for a succulent or two
I found this beautiful velvet golden cardi with tortoise buttons for $6
I love finding bronze decor from all over the world in local thrift shops. This one is from India and I paid like $2 for it!

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