Thrift Diary #2

I’m still working on finding my favorite thrift places in Columbus but I recently went to Volunteers of America on Indianola and found some goods. Check it out for inspo for what to look for on your next trip:


This little pot/container/thing was made in Japan in 1978 and I just threw a plant in it! ($0.99)


An ASOS culotte jumpsuit that works for actually every single occasion this summer. ($1.99)


A midi black dress that can be belted, dressed up/down and even work-appropriate. ($1.99)


These shirts are huge at places like Urban Outfitters right now and you can DIY for an eighth of the price with a men’s floral buttondown! ($0.99)


A black and tan striped midi dress. So 90’s, layer over a white shirt for true Carrie Bradshaw vibes. ($1.99)


This beautiful, soft blue chair was $11 (!!!) and though I definitely did not have room for it in my car and had to drive home with it hanging haphazardly out of my trunk, I needed it. Thrift stores are my favorite for vintage furniture that’s high quality and adds so much character to a space.


Happy hunting!!!

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