Roma Weekend Guide

Rome was one of my favorite cities I’ve been to in Europe, it’s a busy metropolis bustling with life, energy and pasta. There is way, way more to do in Rome than I could include in this little guide but it covers the basics! Be prepared for heat, crowds and gelato.

Food to Eat

The most important part of Italy: food. Here are a few of my favorite places I tasted while I was there:  

  • Mimi e Coco’s
    • Amazing dinner, well worth the wait!
  • Gelato
    • In terms of gelato, Rome is paradise. There’s a shop on every corner but here are some that were highly recommended to me:
      • Old Bridge
      • Frigidarium
      • Venchi
      • Grom
      • Galeteria del Teatro
      • Giolitti
  • Antipasta at Cantina Dei Papi
    • One of my favorite meals in Italy, you can’t go wrong with a giant plate of olives, meats, cheeses and everything good under the sun. Plus a bottle of red.



  • Cul De Sac
    • Loved the meat and cheese platter + wine yet again! They had like millions of bottles, we asked for a Tuscan recommendation and it was fantastic.


Places to Go

Rome has no shortage of attractions, one of the European cities where I feel like you could stay forever and not see everything! Since you have to pick and choose these are the essentials:

  • Vatican City
    • Go super early in the morning to avoid a crazy long line
      • St. Peter’s
        • Climb the duomo– terrifying but worth it for the amazing view


  • Sistine Chapel
    • home of the famous Michelangelo frescoes and worth the crowds!
  • Spanish Steps
    • Beautiful area and a great place for people watching! Go into the church at the top too.
  • Piazza Navona
    • The prettiest little square teeming with street performers and artists
  • Roman Forum
    • Go here first to wait in a shorter line and get a ticket that works for the inside of the Colosseum too! I loved seeing the Roman ruins and there is plenty of green space to relax or picnic in.
      • The Colosseum is only a block away so it’s an easy walk even in Italian heat!
  • Trevi Fountain
    • Another Rome (and Lizzie McGuire) classic, they say if you throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain that you will one day return to Rome! I threw a few!



Random tips:

  • Try to walk as much as possible to explore the city 
  • Bring a water bottle, there are fountains/spickets with free water everywhere
  • The city is filled with random markets and stalls, make sure to check these out while you’re meandering the street!


Make the most of the city of seven hills and eat some pasta for me! Ciao bella!

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