Things That Are Different Here


I’ve been living in Prague for two weeks. I understand the phrase culture shock. I’ve gotten lost and yelled at and questioned and learned a lot. Things are different here. Small things and big things and medium-sized things. Things you don’t really notice until everyone else in the restaurant is staring at you and things that give life jazz. Here are a few of Prague’s things:

  1. Doors open the opposite direction
  2. You have to pay for tap water
  3. Drinking fountains do not exist
  4. You aren’t supposed to smile at strangers
  5. You might have to pay to use the bathroom
  6. Pastries are so cheap!
  7. Crosswalks are called “zebra crossings”
  8. McDonald’s is better
  9. People walk everywhere
  10. Dogs wear coats a lot


I’m a fan.

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