I’m twenty one years old today. That is a lot of years. That is enough years to know some things but probably know nothing at all. That is enough years to meet some people, write some stuff down and still feel like life just started. That is enough years to feel very old and very young at the exact same time. That is enough years to pull out a horizontal ID card and feel like you might own the world but also enough years to definitely be renting the world for now.

I always thought 21 would feel older. Wiser. Have my life together more-er. But it feels like moving fast and how I felt at 12 but with a sense of responsibility piled on top of my leather jacket. This is the age they tell us to stay forever. Drink it in. Eat it up. Revel in youth and potential.

I am grateful for the past 21 years. I am present in this one. I am jumping for the next 21.



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