A Very Short List of Things to Be Thankful For:


  1. marshmallows
  2. moms
  3. days off
  4. homes
  5. brothers
  6. waffles
  7. clean clothes
  8. dishwashers
  9. sleeping in
  10. books you haven’t read but people recommend
  11. sisters
  12. fridays
  13. worn sweatshirts
  14. The Office
  15. old women who call you sweetie
  16. modern medicine
  17. haircuts
  18. best friends
  19. ohio state
  20. mini shampoo and conditioner bottles
  21. brand new notebooks
  22. favorite sweaters
  23. the weird voice your best friend always does to make you laugh
  24. completed to-do lists
  25. future plans
  26. movie theater popcorn
  27. trying a new thing at your favorite restaurant and liking it even more than your old favorite
  28. smoothies
  29. holiday themed anything
  30. sunrises
  31. getting to sleep through sunrises
  32. family home videos
  33. cancelled class
  34. random happy texts
  35. getting tagged in a dog video on Facebook
  36. naps
  37. smiling at strangers but not in a scary way
  38. bad pictures of your ex
  39. home smells
  40. not being out of milk
  41. living near a Chipotle
  42. coupons for things you had to buy anyways
  43. Zara
  44. naturally good hair days
  45. when your favorite artist releases a new album on a Tuesday
  46. solid ted talks
  47. memes
  48. memes
  49. dads
  50. tests that you thought you failed but you didn’t fail
  51. Netflix recommendations
  52. turning in a giant research paper a day in advance
  53. free samples
  54. having a full tank of gas
  55. ice cream
  56. being alive at the same time as Betty White

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