Home Feelings

There it was. That feeling. Something in between petting a Golden Retriever and birthday candles. I call it a “home feeling.” It’s that feeling you get deep down in your stomach somewhere when something is truly and deeply right for you. Kind of like the opposite of nausea. The first time I felt it I was picking a college. Since then, it’s gotten louder and louder. I feel it in career paths, organizations, internships, human beings. Since I’ve started listening, it has never steered me wrong. Some people call it a gut feeling or intuition or following your heart or something. I don’t know what the heck it is but I hope that at some point in your life you feel it and you follow it blindly.

Trust it. That pit in your intestines? Do not automatically WebMD it and diagnose yourself with cancer like I typically do; it might your intuition telling you get out, this ain’t right, keep searching, move along ok! When in doubt, trust yourself. Our brains are analytical, made of lists and words and chaos that can get overwhelming really fast. Simplify it to a feeling. This is the stuff of magic anyways. Yes, do the math, make the pro/con chart, Venn diagram it if you have to. But ultimately, don’t ignore that push. Big decisions should feel like taking off your skinny jeans and seeing your bed at the end of a long day. Home, right, good. Be in tune with yourself and run to your home.

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