We cover it in words, music, anecdotes, ums, hms, car horns, fans, ambiance, rain sound apps, noise machines. Anything and everything to cover it up.

Why do we hate it so much?

When it is silent we hear ourselves. Our own minds don’t shut up. They sound like us, same voice, speaking words that are much more raw, bitter, real, blunt, burnt than our outward voices could ever be. It’s panic and chaos and fear and repression, boiling to the surface the very second it gets a chance. So we turn on some Spotify and drown it out. But underneath that city street during rush hour haze of chaos is exactly what we need to hear whether we want to or not. Our inner voice of truth. That doesn’t get to say much very often. But when it does, it’s real. I saw a quote once “Silence isn’t empty. It’s full of answers.” And as powerful as our shaking voices may be, sometimes we need to stop, turn off Harry Styles, stfu and listen.

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