Play The Good Witch

‘Tis month of painted pumpkins and spooky October skies and the holiday of horror movies and caramel apples is upon us– covering us in white sheets with holes cut out for eyes and oozing fake blood. The witching hour is here so they say. And speaking of witching, as someone who’s seen HalloweenTown High maybe one too many times, witches have been on my mind. Good witches, bad witches, witches who get crushed by falling houses. And the idea that we’ve all been one of the above at some point in our lives (perhaps in a somewhat more metaphorical sense than a downward spiraling abode.) And almost every single day we get to decide whether we’ll melt to a puddle on the floor when the water hits us or wave a magic wand and hope our problems disappear.


Are we born good or evil? Or maybe a little bit of both. The question has puzzled philosophers for ages. Recent experiments at Yale University measured babies’ moral instincts and the results showed that even the youngest of us have an inmate sense of right and wrong along with an instinctual preference to do good versus evil.


So if we do get to choose, choose well.

Play the good witch. I mean it. To the lady talking loudly on her phone who cuts you in the line for coffee. To the friend who accidentally forgets about your dinner date. To the group project member who has absolutely no idea what’s going on ever. To the crazy ex. Because ultimately no amount of flying monkeys is really going to change anything and if Hollywood has taught us it’s anything it’s that the wicked one always goes down in the end with just a bucket of water.

Happy Halloween my pretties.


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