Last week was a rough week.

An unfortunate, inconvenient series of irritating events that made me wanna crawl into bed and quit everything for 3 months and maybe move to the deciduous forests of upstate Washington. A pile up of being late to too many classes, uncomfortable confrontations with bosses, spilled coffee, rain and at one low point, I kid you not, a campus bus roared past me and blew the hat I was wearing into the road while simultaneously splashing me with cold, swampy, sewage street water. I thought things like only happened during montages in cheap movies with a tragic instrumental playing in the background. And that was only Tuesday.

Some things to remember during bad days, weeks, months, years, etc:

I saw this quote on Pinterest (I know, gag me) that said “There’s nothing in nature that blooms all year long, so don’t expect yourself to do so.” The pressure to have your life semi-together can sometimes seem overwhelming and nauseating. A bad week does not deem you a failure or a weed. Shit happens. To all of us. A lot of the time.

You’ll bloom again. Last Wednesday I was convinced the Week From Hell™ would probably last forever and I’d die an angsty sophomore in college who really really needs to do laundry. But today is Monday. And I’m still a sophomore in college but perhaps a little less angsty and doing well on my bio quiz (yet to do laundry but). Little victories people.

It’s good to be in a bad mood. Maybe not forever but if you need to listen to aggressive music and be alone for a few hours to sulk and brood– you’re entitled to that privilege, even if you live on one of the most populated campuses in the country in the middle of a city. Allow yourself to feel it all. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Treat yo self. (-Tom Haverford, Parks and Rec star, inspirational being.) There are few activities more therapeutic in the middle of a thunderstorm of a week than doing whatever the heck it is you want to do. Eat good food, buy flowers, watch your favorite show instead of studying, take a nap, WHATEVER YOU WANT. Take the revenge you want out of life.

So it’s Monday. New day, new week. So far no buses have assaulted me– stay tuned for updates. But even if I get stung by a thousand bees in the middle of a hurricane after oversleeping for class with a midterm, there’s always tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Bloom

  1. I wrote an overly aggressive post last week. Glad to know that I’m not alone, not everyone is Instagram picture perfectly happy all the time.


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