Keep Looking

Age nineteen is a lot of searching. We searching for a passion, best friends, a major, a career, a place to eat that’s open past 2 am. We’re crawling around, looking high and low and half the time we have no idea what the heck it is we’re even searching for.

You know that feeling when you walked on to your college campus for the first time and knew it was home? Or when you see a pair of shoes, fall in love and bring them to the checkout without even checking the price because you know they’re worth it whatever it is? Or when you see an option on a menu and know this is the one, I want this please give me chocolate cheesecake now? That’s how I think all of our decisions should feel. That undoubtable gut feeling that this is right, for me, right now, right here. Chase that feeling.

At age nineteen we’re making a lot of choices and hoping to God one of them might be a little right, praying that we’re not accidentally destroying our livelihoods with our every minute decision. And there are times when you know your friends, parents, teachers, etc. would tell you choose option A and you get that nasty little sick feeling at the bottom of your abdomen when you think about option A but you choose it anyways to keep everyone happy and get your cerebellum to chill. But I think that sick little feeling is something more than just too much dining hall food. Lately I’ve been trying to listen to that feeling a little more and listen to my know-it-all overactive conscious brain a little less. And it’s working. Our bodies might know something our brains haven’t quite picked up on. We’re instinctively drawn to what is for us. Some science stuff backs this up.

Science Stuff:


We’ve all at some point ignored that gut feeling, pushed past using rationale and level-headedness to justify our decisions. And then, one day it doesn’t work, the plan falls through, the game is lost, it hails and thunderstorms, and YOU KNEW IT YOU SWEAR.

Follow that feeling, search for whatever it is until you find it, settle for nothing less than the feeling of finding the perfect leather jacket with only your size left, on sale.


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