How to Stress Slightly Less

Mid-terms are starting, spring semester stress is real, life is busy, crazy, large, a lot. If you are on mental breakdown #4 today and it’s only 10 am or you have only slept 7 hours in 3 days or if you can’t stop watching Park and Rec in response to having too much to do read this. Even if this is not you, I’d be thrilled if you read this too.

How I attempt(/fail a lot) to not be stressed:

  1. It’s okay to say no

This has always been a hard one for me. Letting people down sucks but so does not sleeping for 36 hours and then stress sweating profusely while simultaneously typing a paper and listening to the book on tape you were supposed to read. Take care of yourself, get your own stuff done. They will understand and if they don’t then that’s one less problem in your life.

  1. Sweat a lot

Take a break, go to the gym, run through some fields, do a lot of yoga. You will tell yourself you don’t have time but you will feel infinitely better afterwards I swear. There’s nothing a spin class can’t improve.

  1. Do something (anything) else

Whether this be spending hours looking an odd assortments of things you don’t need on Amazon, reading Harry Potter, hanging in an Eno or whatever your heart desires, you need a break, take it.

  1. Positive affirmations

Look some up on the internet or make some up yourself. This will feel weird and uncomfortable at first but they really actually truly work.

  1. The Piano Guys

Or Bach or Mozart or any of those guys who are really good at making your life feel 80% less shamble-y.

  1. Go outside

This is my favorite. It’s harder to do at college in a city but it saves me at least once a week. Surround yourself with some trees, some water, some sky, a squirrel, whatever. Breathe a lot of things that are natural and wonderful and not on a laptop screen.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset
  1. Be grateful for at least 2 minutes

Sometime I get stressed to the point where I forget I am healthy, alive, living in the same universe as Julie Andrews, on a planet where the actual source of our life pours from the sky sometimes, with the choice to live however I choose. Realize that we are incredibly lucky to live a life where we even have to opportunity to TAKE a horrible midterm or OWN a car with a flat tire because a large percentage of the world would kill to have our stressors. Also we are specks on a speck so this final paper is important but not that important.

  1. Cry- it’s fine man

We do it. It’s okay. It’s actually beneficial to release emotions. Watch a military homecoming or the Extra gum commercial.

  1. Write

A list, a blog post, a song, a pros and cons chart.

  1. Call your mom

No explanation necessary.

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