18 Things I Learned at 18

1. Change is scary/terrifying/life-shattering but it is good.


2. How someone treats you does not necessarily reflect anything about you.

3. The Law of Attraction is real.

4. How to do laundry (ish)


5. Moms know a lot of things.

6. It’s okay to not know everything– or in some situations anything.

7. A lot of problems can be solved by drinking a lot of water or sleeping.

8. Public transportation is scary but not that scary.


9. Don’t bring your debit card most places; you will either lose it or spend money, neither preferable.

10. Happiness is not necessarily a product of your circumstances. Choose it.  Choose it often.

11. There’s no place in the world quite like home (or anyone quite like your dog)


12. Don’t eat 96% of the meat at the dining halls.

13. How to survive being sick in college, like a lot (answer: Nyquil and cough drops and leggings and amoxicillian)

14. Life is good. I appreciate it a lot.

15. Sleep is important you probably need it; coffee is not the same thing. (But sometimes you have to settle for coffee.)


16. It’s okay if not everyone understands what you are doing

17. Not everyone has grown up in the same atmosphere as you; this is good.

18.I love/am Leslie Knope


Being 18 is nice, 19 seems cool too– hello.

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