Where is the Corn?

In August I moved to a place quite literally 150 times the population of my hometown. (I did the math.) The culture shock was very very real. And while my transition is not quite complete, here are a few things I’m thinking about while procrastinating studying Spanish:

Things I miss about a place with 3 traffic lights:

  • The sky. The sky at in a city does not do the heavens justice. The sky is smaller here. It’s crammed in tall buildings and stop signs. It’s squished and little and sometimes I look up and can see almost none of it at all. At night it does not get dark here. The sky turns a dark faded, almost red. There are fewer stars and we definitely did not see any lunar eclipse.


  • Quiet: it is never truly quiet here. This is something I hate and love. (see below) I will admit I do not love it at 4 am when I can hear every joke at the basketball courts across the street from my dorm. Sirens, planes, helicopters, the first week I jumped at every one.
  • Space: I never appreciated the space until I came here. Corn fields, bean fields, grass fields, all filled with full, full space. Empty air except for the occasional lighting bug. Sometimes in a city it’s harder to breathe. You feel like you’re running out of empty air. The oval doesn’t quite cut it.                                                 IMG_7478

Things I love about a place with 2 UDFs on the same street:

  • Energy: The energy in a city is constant. There’s a constant underlying urgency and movement. Even at 3 pm on a lazy Sunday, there is something to be excited about. There are always thousands of different smells, lights, sounds. It is change, always, with out a doubt, at all times.
  • Food: I can walk some where to purchase food within 1 minute. That is it. So much food.
  • Events: while much can be said for long drives on back country roads listening to music, there a couple extra things to do here. Like I went to 2 concerts last week. And 90% of the time I’m here, I’m probably wandering around wondering what that huge event going on over there is. Freshman.
    • People: the diversity here is fantastic/wonderful/fascinating. I have learned more about human beings in my 6 weeks here than in my entire life ever before. Every shape and size of homo sapien is here and I am one of them. One of thousands upon thousands of them. And I love it.                                                 IMG_7485

I can not capture either of these places is 300 words. Not really. And don’t make me choose between. I have lost nothing, I have gained another home.

Very Very Important Thing: This is my first feature of my very very talented and fantastic friend Annie Noelker. She took all these pictures of me one Friday evening. (Click on the pictures to see them full size and beautiful!!!!) I am so happy to be living close to her again. Please please please check out her website: annienoelkerphotgraphy.weebly.com She is one of my favorite humans ever, appreciate her. (her Instagram is @annnienoel follow that too)


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