Living in a 10×5 box

I’ve been showering in flip-flops for 2 weeks and have eaten too much pizza too late at night. I moved my entire life into an approximately 5×10 space and have fallen off my half-lofted twinXL bed twice. Only got lost 48574 times though! Hi college. Living in a dorm is nice because you can literally reach everything you own without ever leaving your bed if you’re agile enough. And it also only takes you about 3.7 minutes to clean your entire room. (We won’t talk about how far away the community bathroom seems when you have to pee at 3 am)


Small desk space featuring essentially my entire life & also a cowbell. (I don’t really do homework here, but I do do my hair and makeup)


This is my bed & my 3 favorites: NYC, OSU and Taylor. (fun fact: the pennant is from the vintage shop Feathers in the Oregon District and is from the 1950s)


It’s usually messier than this I promise. (No typical freshman girl’s dorm room is complete without a twine strand full of pictures on clothes pins)


Yes, that is a succulent. Yes, that is The Shoe.

IMG_7274 IMG_7276

The closet space was the biggest sacrifice but you can actually fit a lot more than you think. I miss my walk-in closet but ya gotta do what ya gotta do! And college is worth the lack of clothing space. Under-the-bed storage has also saved my life a lot, especially for shoes.

Last, tips for making friends: keep cashews, chips and pretzels on hand. (not pictured)

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