‘Tis the season for piling as much as you can in 3 different small bags pretending that you’re not overpacking since you’re not taking a giant suitcase. Packing for a two week vacation with limited room can be a challenge (especially when you’re typically that girl with 8 different types of chapstick in one bag “just in case”) So here’s a few things that you shouldn’t leave home without this summer.

Water, water, water. Especially if you’re going to be in any high altutudes fighting off elevation sickness as I have been for a week. Tervises (or any refillable water container) are great for traveling and you’re not destroying the earth by filling landfills with your empty water bottles constantly so that’s swell.


Summer sandals because hot is basically unavoidable in the US in July but sweaty feet are. Birkenstocks are back and it’s science that you either hate them or you love them. I choose to love them. They’re wonderful for going through airport security or hopping out of the car at rest stops. Fun fact they are also the most comfortable pieces of heaven you will ever put on your feet. You do have to take the slight risk that you will turn into a granola bar when you wear them. Let’s just appreciate that comfort is trendy right now okay. A cheaper alternative though are velcro sandals like the ones below I got from target. They are great for hiking, climbing and general adventuring.


This one I’m putting in 90% because it’s cute but it’s also pretty useful. Vaseline is good for chapped lips, burns, and all kinds of injuries you may acquire while venturing into the wild beyond.


Hats of all kinds are important in the summer if you value your head which I’m taking the risk of assuming you do.  Scalp sunburn hurts I’ve learned after ignoring my mom’s advice to wear a hat for 18 years.Baseball, fedora, bowler, bucket, floppy, party, whatever kind you would like.


Fanny packs are another 80s/90s trend that I’m thrilled has come back. Who would have thought a pack on your fanny would be so useful? Maybe this isn’t essential but I like to believe it is, especially if you’re hiking or touring around. It’s quite difficult to look like a proper tacky tourist without one.


An easy final essential is a good book because while you may be off one a whirlwind of adventure, chances are you’ll have some downtime whether in an airport, on a plane, in the back of a car, or during a bad tour guide lecture. So go find a collection of words somewhere and read them. My all time favorite books include: The Catcher in the Rye, Where Things Come back, The Sun Also Rises, Zen and the Art of Happiness, and Plainsong to name a few. Or just read this post again for kicks.


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