Hello world!

To be perfectly honest, I’m not entirely sure what I am doing on here. But I figured if dogs can write blogs now, what’s stopping me? So this is my life, or at least a little of it. This is a freshly graduated 18 year old girl who’s leaving for college in 5 weeks and got 4 hours of sleep last night’s attempt at online content. Bear with me. I suppose this is more so for myself so in 3-5 years I can look back and laugh at everything I thought/wore/did as a brand new “adult” and pretend I’ve gotten so much better at adult-ing since I’ve turned 25. So hi 25 year old me please tell me you’ve learned how to do laundry and cook something other than cereal. Because so far today 18 year old me hasn’t even gotten dressed and it may or may not be 4:04 pm… This should be good.


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